❋ what's this all about? ❋

It's a little webbed site for me to post my creative endeavors, mostly in the realm of worldbuilding, linguistics, maps, culture, etc., and any little articles - academic or casual - that I end up writing.

❋ okay, cool, who are you? ❋

I'm just a guy! I'm a notorious job-hopper, a college student, a flagrant homosexual, an oil paint enthusiast, a forager, a creative, a hobby-tryer, a mindless media consumer, and I'm even a boy. My favorite local Asian restaurant's owner calls me "Mr. Tofu". Just in case you were curious.

❋ contact ❋

You can reach me at asssgirl333(at)gmail.com - replace that (at) with an @, obviously.

❋ inspirations and credit ❋

The biggest inspiration here is obviously zompist. Zompist is inarguably one of the most creative names in conlangery, and his works introduced me to the idea of worldbuilding for worldbuilding's sake. I also owe a great debt to bogleech, whose site was my first introduction to the idea of "personal websites" and is still a frequent source of information and humor for me. Also, his creepypasta cook-off was my first introduction to horror literature (as opposed to horror films or games), which is now a staple of my media consumption.

More specifically, my Namang setting, despite being on the fantasy side of things, is inspired most directly by sci-fi works. Specifically, the Hainish Cycle novels by Ursula K. Le Guin, All Tomorrows by C.M Kösemen/Nemo Ramjet, and zompist's Maraille setting. Each of these settings involves, to an extent, the idea of a human population artificially kept separate from the wider human world, which forms the main backdrop for the biology and ancient history in Namang.

The sidebar image is from a page of the Voynich Manuscript.